Thank you to all of our previous and future customers! These are the latest reviews emailed to us from our customers:

Thanks for the class it was very informative and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
The instructor not only fully answered all questions before and during the course, but continued to be a mentor even after the class had ended.
-Joshua Mack

Thanks for the informative basic instruction. I learned things that I didn’t know and that will be useful in the future. Especially regarding Florida and interstate laws. I am certainly glad that I emailed you guys as opposed to going to the gun show class. You have a great instructor and It was nice for someone to talk in a real world/ non- P.C – candy coated manner. This was much more informative than the Tucson Sector provides for ranch patrols, so I will be passing on the good word about you folks to my friends here and out there ASAP.
Thanks and feel free to use this email as a testament online or otherwise.
-James D. Irwin

It was a great class, I learned a lot! Thank you.
-Nicholas Keener

I really enjoyed your class for Concealed Weapons Permit last Saturday, 28 July. You are very knowledgeable, as well as, thorough. You gave us all individual attention; that was really appreciated. I also learned many new things. What really surprised me was learning that ammo gets old and should be replaced. My ammo is over 10 years old, and I will dispose of at nearest police station.
Thanks for your patience at the range. Take care.
-Ray Willis

Thank you so much! The class was great and I learned a lot I didn’t know. You are doing a great job and please keep up the good work.
Thanks again. Have a good day
-William B Huey

Hi guys,
Just wanted to send a quick thank you for the course today, I thought you guys were great and had a fantastic time.
-Rhys Harrison

Ryan, Nate,
First off, thanks for the CCW course I recently attended. You conducted a very professional, yet personable, training for folks seeking to obtain a concealed carry permit. More importantly, you gave proper focus on the moral, legal and physical responsibilities of carrying a weapon – especially the act of using it. I hope to be able to attend some of your more advanced personal defense training soon.
Feel free to use any part of this as a personal endorsement for your CWP class.
Best regards and thanks in advance,
-Andrew Ellis

I thought the class was fantastic. Very informative and Ryan & Nate were very professional. I will be recommending you to any one who wants to take a class. My wife will be taking it in a few months. Thanks for a great class.
-Thom Daniels

I was very impressed with Mr. Knopp. He was very professional, was able to provide corrective advice, and I came away feeling far more confident about my ability to safely use a firearm.
He should be commended for his patience and good advice.
Catherine St. Clair