Low Light/Nightime Shooting Class
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Defensive Shooting Course

This is an ADVANCED TRAINING COURSE designed to teach real life self defense with a firearm. Throughout the course, students will develop reflexive skills that will enable them to quickly and efficiently assess and engage threats. Before taking this class you should already have an understanding of firearm safety and have shot a MINIMUM of 500 rounds. 

This course will run from 12pm to 6pm and be geared towards understanding advanced shooting concepts and defensive tactical training. The course will be a shooting course and will take place at the range. Directions will be emailed to you after registering by phone.

Topics covered in this course will include:

• Aiming in regards to close quarter deployment
• Drawing drills focused on improving speed
• “High Ready” and “Low Ready” Positioning
• Situation and Scenario Training including Threat Assessment and when to/not to shoot
• Shoot and move and force on force techniques (Learn to shoot while moving towards and away from the target)
• Active use of cover and concealment
• How to fire from unsupported positions such as the prone, sitting, kneeling, and from the shooters back
• Tooler Drill
• Double/Tripple Taps
• And more!

Course tuition: $149.99
Student will furnish their own firearm, 200 rounds of ammo (minimum), ear and eye protection, 2 magazines (minimum) and a holster

*Lunch is included*

To Be Announced

Sign up by calling: 561.445.9468